Waimea and Hanapepe Open Houses; Questions On Preliminary Flood Maps Answered

Editorial By: Eric Simmons, FEMA RIX

Kauaʻi County, DLNR and FEMA held two open houses to help homeowners and community members understand how they are affected by proposed flood zone changes.  The public meetings on May 21 and 22 were well attended with a lot of interest on the preliminary flood maps.  As approximately 400 parcels in Waimea and Hanapepe are having a new, high-risk flood zone designation, these homeowners with a mortgage will be required to buy flood insurance when the revised flood maps become effective.  Attendees were able to ask questions about their situation and speak with representatives from the National Flood Insurance Program to understand flood risk and insurance needs. 

Answers to these frequently asked questions are here.   The flood map revision for Kauaʻi County also includes updated hazard data for Moloaa Stream and Bay.  The proposed changes for Moloaa, Hanapepe and Waimea are viewable on the Flood Hazard Assessment Tool.  A 90-day appeal period is being offered later this year for the submission of technical or scientific data to FEMA to improve the preliminary flood data. Therefore, the revised maps won’t be finalized for more than a year.  Kauaʻi County anticipates additional public outreach at that time.

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