NFIP Contacts




FEMA Region IX
Floodplain Management and Insurance Branch
1111 Broadway Suite 1200
Oakland, California 94607-4052

Michael Nakagaki 
Floodplain Management and Insurance Brach Chief
(202) 340-5497

Eric Simmons, CFM 
Hawai'i Territory Engineer / Flood Hazard Mapping Specialist
(510) 928-5531

Edie Lohmann, CFM 
National Flood Insurance Specialist
(510) 912-6333


NFIP State Coordinating Agency
Department of Land and Natural Resources
Engineering Division
1151 Punchbowl Street #221
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813

Edwin Matsuda, P.E., CFM
Flood Control / Dam Safety Section Head
(808) 587-0268

Carol Tyau-Beam, P.E., CFM
State NFIP Coordinator
(808) 587-0267

Jizella San Andres, P.E.
State General Flood Control Plan Administrator
(808) 587-0250

Kristen Akamine
Engineering Technician
(808) 587-0281


Mario Siu-Li, CFM
City and County of Honolulu Floodplain Manager
Department of Planning and Permitting
650 South King Street 8th Floor
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813
(808) 768-8098

Bryce Harada, P.E., CFM
County of Hawai'i Floodplain Manager
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
101 Pauahi Street, Suite 7
Hilo , Hawai'i 96720
(808) 961-8327

Bryan Wienand, P.E. 
County of Kauaʻi Floodplain Manager
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
4444 Rice Street Suite 275
Lihue , Hawai'i 96766
(808) 241-4896

Carolyn Cortez, CFM
County of Maui Floodplain Manager (Interim)
Department of Planning
One Main Plaza
2200 Main Street, Suite 335
Wailuku, Hawai'i 96793
(808) 270-7813

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