FEMA Will Host a Series of Civil Rights Stakeholder Summits

Author(s): Jo Linda Johnson, Esq.

FEMA’s Office of Equal Rights Director Jo Linda Johnson, shares more about the importance of FEMA’s upcoming Civil Rights Stakeholder Summits.

While disasters can affect us all, they can also create unique challenges to the individuals they impact. FEMA has seen firsthand how disasters affect communities differently.  When working to address these unique challenges, it is important to include people from all different backgrounds. This allows us to help everyone prepare before, during and after disasters.  As part of these efforts, FEMA’s Office of Equal Rights is hosting three Civil Rights Stakeholder Summits throughout the months of November and December to foster collaborative dialogue and partnerships.

Motivated by FEMA’s core values of compassion, fairness, integrity and respect, the goal of each summit is to strengthen the foundation for an inclusive, whole-community based approach to emergency management.

FEMA’s goal is to strengthen the agency’s communication with members of underserved and historically marginalized communities, such as those with low income, differing ethnic groups and limited English proficiency. 

The summits will give the public a chance to speak on their experiences, to share what has gone well and where challenges lie with access to FEMA programs and services. These perspectives and feedback from the public are critical to ensure more equitable response and recovery, helping FEMA effectively prepare and serve all communities before, during and after disasters. 

Summit presentations and discussion will cover FEMA programs and services, with special emphasis on creating an inclusive, whole community-based approach and improving equity in emergency Management. 

Presenters and panelists will respond to your questions during the summits, so email them to FEMA-CivilRightsOffice@fema.dhs.gov no later than the Friday prior to the event.

 Register below in advance for all three summits and join the discussion.

For more information about FEMA’s Office of Equal Rights, visit the FEMA website

For more FEMA Blogs, visit https://www.fema.gov/about/news-multimedia/blog

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