WE NEED YOUR HELP! King Tide Photo Surveys next week!

June 14th and 15th, 2022

Check out our photo submission platform!

Help us document the impacts of King Tides (the highest high tides of the year). Documenting King Tides can give us a snapshot of what our future shorelines may look like with rising sea levels. Visit the project website, www.PacificIslandsKingTides.org, for peak high tide times at locations across the Hawai'ian Islands on King Tide photo survey dates.

Photo survey dates for 2022 are…

June 14 & June 15
July 12 & July 13
August 10 & August 11

You can explore our database of photographs to see all of the new photos submitted.

Photos from different years and a wide variety of locations help us to better understand King Tide events and identify vulnerable coastal areas so that we can provide support for preparedness and planning. Your photographs are a valuable resource for helping coastal communities and decision makers better understand and prepare for sea-level rise.

About the Project

The University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant College Program’s Hawaiʻi and Pacific Islands King Tides Project needs your help to document today’s high water level events, also known as King Tides, to better understand tomorrow’s impacts from sea-level rise and other coastal hazards. King Tides provide a window into our future because today’s high tides are tomorrow’s average sea levels. You – our community scientists – can add to our free, publicly accessible and crowd sourced dataset by photographing King Tides at places important to you throughout Hawai‘i and Oceania. Photos, observations, date, time, and location can be submitted through our Hawaiʻi and Pacific Islands King Tides Project web platform which you can access through your smartphone or desktop computer.

Your images and data are a significant contribution to community efforts to understand and adapt to rising seas

Contact: KingTide@hawaii.edu

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