Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

May 1 through May 7 is Hurricane Preparedness Week in Hawai'i and officials are urging the public to be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season which normally runs from June through November. 

As we wait for the NOAA outlook for the 2022 Central Pacific hurricane season to be released on May 18th, now is the time to prepare.

Stock your emergency preparedness kit with enough food and water for at least 14 days per person.  Be sure to include other essential items such as a battery-operated radio.  For more information on Preparedness Information visit the Hawai'i Emergency Management Agency for information on a list of suggested food and other supplies.

Also, now is the time to review your different policies with your insurance agent.  Talk with your agent to understand the differences between:

  • Homeowner’s insurance;
  • Flood Insurance and;
  • Hurricane insurance

For agent information regarding flood insurance, visit

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