Did the home you’re renting flood?

Prior to the recent flooding throughout the state, many property owners may not have realized the homeowner’s insurance they have may not cover the flood damage to their home and its contents. A separate flood insurance policy is needed. But what if the home you were renting also suffered flood damage? As a tenant, you too would have needed to have a flood insurance policy in effect to cover damages to your contents. Even if your landlord had flood insurance on the building you are renting, their flood insurance policy will not cover your personal property.

FEMA offers flood insurance to renters. This “Flood Insurance for Renters” brochure explains what’s covered and how you can go about purchasing a flood insurance policy for the next event. Hurricane season is just around the corner and there is a 30-day wait period before the policy takes effect, so now is the time to talk with an agent about insuring your valuables against flooding.

This brochure along with other valuable information for those that have been affected by the March 2021 Floods are posted on our Wai Hālana blog site. A FAQ for renters is COMING SOON and will be posted to this site. Bookmark this web page (https://waihalana.hawaii.gov/march-2021-floods/) for updated information.

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