Who’s Knocking at Your Door?

According Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Hawai'i has had on average one Presidential Disaster Declaration involving flooding every 2 years since 2000. This doesn’t include the recent floodS that the entire State has experienced over the past couple weeks (state and local officials are still evaluating the damages) or other severe weather events that were not a federally declared.

It’s often a chaotic time for disaster survivors after an event, as they must emotionally grapple with the loss and also try to figure out what steps they need to take next to recover. After a flood disaster, a property owner may be expecting (or not) multiple visitors who will want to help you and your family.

It’s common for multiple visitors to perform damage assessments on your home. However, it important to remember that no matter who’s knocking at your door, always ask for identification and the purpose of the visit. Never give out
personal information such as your Social Security or bank account number. Government officials will never ask for money and you should never pay for their service.

FEMA has created a informative infographic that list some of the “visitors” you may cross paths with during the recovery such as insurance agents or adjusters, government officials, or other organizations. Download and keep handy this infographic below for your future reference.


This graphic along with other valuable information for those that have been affected by the March 2021 Floods are posted on our Wai Hālana blog site, bookmark and visit the web page for updated information.

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