Spared a short-term extension, but NFIP still not reauthorized

With an impending lapse of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) fast approaching at the close of FY20 fiscal year, the House of Representatives voted to extend the NFIP until the end of FY21 as part of a measure to provide continuous funding to the federal government until December 11, 2020.  H.R.8337 will still need Senate approval by September 30th 2020 to avoid a fourth (brief) lapse of the NFIP since 2018.

Although not the long long-term reauthorization that NFIP stakeholders have been awaiting, H.R.8337 is a longer extension that some of the previous 16 shorter-term extensions since 2017 when the program’s last long term authorization expired.

Even a brief lapse can cause a stressful situation for stakeholders.  Other than the loss of availability for federal flood insurance, a lapse can cause: losing the availability of certain forms of disaster assistance, delay in processing of flood insurance claims, and interruptions for certain real estate transaction.

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