Got cabin fever? King Tide Photo Surveys are here!

July 3rd and 4th, 2020

Need to get out of the house? Join us outside as a citizen scientist this summer!

We need your help to document King Tides on July 3rd and 4th. Observing and photographing King Tides can give us a snapshot of what our future shorelines may look like with rising sea levels. 

Visit the project website,, for peak high tide times at locations across the Hawai'ian Islands (July 2nd & 3rd and July 31 and Aug. 1). 

Head to the coast and use your smartphone to submit photos and observations through our web based platform! This summer we are observing water levels around Hawai'i about 6 to 9 inches above the predicted astronomical tides (i.e., the tidal levels resulting from gravitational effects of the Earth, Sun and Moon), which will result in higher than expected water levels on our photo survey days. It will be important to head out to photograph what this looks like. 

Your photographs are a valuable resource for helping scientists and decision makers better understand and prepare for sea-level rise. Last year with your help our free and publicly accessible database reached a total of 3,070 photos. King Tides photos can be taken in a socially distant and safe manner. We encourage community scientists to take special precautions to protect themselves and their communities from COVID-19. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines, please wear a mask in public, and only photograph areas that are open to the public.   


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