NFIP included in Sept. 27th CR, Program Extended thru Nov. 21

The Association of Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) announced to its members today that “The president signed a Continuing Resolution Sept. 27, just days before the Sept. 30 deadline. This extension will continue to fund all federal departments and agencies at Fiscal Year 2019 levels through Nov. 21. Without that extension, the federal government would have shut down Oct. 1.

Extension of the National Flood Insurance Program through Nov. 21 was included in the bill H.R. 4378. The NFIP also would have expired Sept. 30.

The House (HR 3167) and Senate (S 2187) have bills under consideration for NFIP reauthorization and reform, but neither has passed their bill by their full body. Discussions between minority and majority in both houses is continuing, as are bipartisan discussions happening in the House and Senate.

There are 12 appropriations bills that fund all federal agencies. The House has acted on many of them, but the Senate is just now starting. What makes the FEMA budget particularly controversial is that it’s part of the Department of Homeland Security’s budget, where money for the border wall is included in the Senate version of the DHS budget.

It’s unknown at this time if Congress will act on the FY20 appropriation bills before the Nov. 21 deadline to keep the federal government operating. If not, another CR is likely. In the case of the NFIP, FY19 funding levels for flood mapping and flood mitigation were higher than they have ever been in the past.

ASFPM has been an advocate for the NFIP and has participated in Congressional testimony on many issues relating to the Program and its reauthorization for decades. The Association will be closely monitoring the situation. To get first hand information and learn about the other important benefits of being a part of ASFPM, visit

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