“What the FLOOD! What do you mean my water damage is not covered by my insurance policy?”

According to a recent national survey sponsored by National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), 41% of Americans agree or strongly agree that flood insurance is a “good idea,” yet only 17% say they have purchased flood insurance. (Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) estimates that only about 3% have flood protection.)

One of the reasons NAIC believes may be the reason is the confusion with the different types of insurance coverage and which policy covers what specific water-related damages.  On June 13th, NAIC released a cool interactive online quiz, “What the Flood !” as part of its #YourRiskIsReal campaign, an endeavor aimed to educate consumers on their flood risks and the importance of purchasing flood insurance.

The short, interactive quiz presents complicated insurance concepts in easy-to-understand terms. Sample questions include: “Is damage from a busted bathroom pipe and a burst levee covered by the same policy?” and “If a hurricane floods your car, do you file a claim with auto or home?” 

Try out the quiz now and see if your awareness level is that of a “CRUISER”

Click “START” to take the quiz

Click here to read NAIC Full New Release: ‘What the Flood!’ NAIC Quiz Helps Americans Understand Flood Insurance


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