TRUE OR FALSE? 50% of all declared disasters in the US involve flooding.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! King Tide Photo Surveys next week!

Help us document the impacts of King Tides (the highest high tides of the year). Documenting King Tides can give us a snapshot of what our future shorelines may look like with rising sea levels. Visit the project website,, for peak high tide times at locations across the Hawai'ian Islands on King Tide photo survey dates.

Hurricane Season is Upon Us – Are You Prepared?

It is a common misconception that hurricanes do not cause damage to the Hawai'ian Islands. In fact while hurricanes do not commonly make landfall in Hawai'i, the increased rainfall, storm surges and ocean swells cause devastating damage. Over the past 8 years, FEMA has paid out Hawai'i Residents over $1M in flood insurance claims. The... Continue Reading →

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