Level Up Season 3 Features Kauaʻi’s Proactive Coastal Resilience Policy

Looking for ideas and inspiration to address your community’s hazard mitigation challenges? FEMA Region 9 recently announced the launch of the Level Up Audio Project —Season 3! Tune into Episode 3 to hear Ka’aina Hull discuss Kaua’i’s setback policy and sea level rise zoning district, and how such policies protect people, property, and ecosystems in the face of climate change.

The Level Up Audio project is an audio series dedicated to highlighting individuals who are making hazard mitigation planning and action a priority in their work and communities. Season 3 includes:

  • Episode 1: Equitable Climate Action Planning in Oakland, CA 
  • Episode 2: Assessing Seismic Vulnerability in Clark County, NV 
  • Episode 3: Proactive Policy for Coastal Resilience in Kaua’i, HI 
  • Episode 4: Hazard Mitigation With the Morongo Band of Mission Indians 
  • Episode 5: Mitigating Drought With the City of Woodland, CA 

Each episode features a roughly 20-minute conversation with individuals who share stories, best practices and lessons learned. The goal is to inspire mitigation action and strengthen the community of hazard mitigation and climate adaptation professionals working at the local level. 
You can listen to the Level Up Audio Project on the Georgetown Climate Center webpage (or streaming on Apple, Spotify, and iHeartRadio). 

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