Today is National Dam Safety Awareness Day

National Dam Safety Awareness Day seeks to encourage and promote individual and community responsibility and best practices for dam safety, as well as what steps can be taken to prevent catastrophic dam failures. The theme for National Dam Safety Awareness Day 2022 on May 31, is, “Dam Safety is a shared responsibility. Know your risk, know your role, know the benefits of dams and take action.”

If you didn’t know, Hawai'i has approximately 127 dams that are regulated by DLNR’s Dam Safety Program. Download “Am I in a Dam Evacuation Zone” flyer for steps on how to answer this question. Visit to access the Hawai'i Dam Inventory System for detailed information on each dam.

For Oʻahu property owners, you can also access the City and County of Honolulu’s “Dam Evacuation Planning Tool” to view the dam evacuation zones and important information on how to educate and prepare for a potential dam overtopping or failure.

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