Counties Offer Emergency Notification System to Islanders

In order to broadcast vital information in a timely manner, all four counties offer residents and visitors the ability to receive emergency notifications should they arise. These alerts will provide information on impending weather changes or emergencies.

Advisory, Watch, and Warning Alerts for:

  • Flood
  • High Surf
  • Fire Conditions

Other Notifications

  • Special Weather Statements
  • Road Closures
  • Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane
  • Tsunami

In some alert systems, you may choose several locations you may want to hear emergency alerts for such as your residence, workplace, or child’s school.

Registering takes minutes to sign up. These systems allow you to receive timely notifications about emergency situations. Please refer to the following links to find out more information on each county’s emergency notification system and how to customize the types of alerts you want to receive.

Register with your county:

City and County of Honolulu
Hawai'i County
Kauaʻi County
Maui County

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