Congratulations to the Maui County Floodplain Administrator on becoming a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM)

Congratulations goes out to Diego Sanchez-Gomez, Maui County’s Floodplain Administrator who recently became the newest CFM in Hawai'i.  The CFM program recognizes continuing education and professional development that enhance the knowledge and performance of local, state, federal, and private-sector floodplain managers.  The role of CFMs is expanding due to increases in disaster losses, the emphasis on mitigation to alleviate the cycle of damage-rebuild-damage, and a recognized need for professionals to adequately address these issues.

Diego quipped, “Here one can observe an infant Floodplain Administrator (FPA) in his natural habitat of flood permits and elevation records. FPAs are known to primarily subsist on coffee and whatever nearby carbohydrates are available. Their only known natural predators are applicants with after-the-fact permits in the unnumbered A Zones or AE Floodways.”

Hawai'i is pleased to acknowledge all 36 of our Certified Floodplain Managers:

Cerizo, Francisco (Maui)
Chung, Christy (Maui)
Colandrea, Jesse (Oʻahu)
Cortez, Carolyn (Maui)
Cunningham, Christopher (Oʻahu)
DeMarco, Frank (Big Island)
Dempsey, Ty (Oʻahu)
Dunckel, Sean (Oʻahu)
English, Maile (Kauaʻi)
Fujishige, Brandon (Kauaʻi)
Glade, Brian (Big Island)
Gonser, Matthew (Oʻahu)
Gonzales, Ronald (Oʻahu)
Harada, Bryce (Big Island)
Hikiji, Jaime (Oʻahu)
Iwamoto, Stanford (Kauaʻi)
Lillis, Ana (Maui)
Lyon, Frank
Matsuda, Edwin
Milles, Dominic
Miyahara, Royce
Muranaka, Barry
Saldana, Gilbert “Gary”
Sanchez-Gomez, Diego
Santos, Christina
Setiono, Dean
Shigeoka, Dennis
(Big Island)
Siu-Li, Mario
Smith, Michael
Stone, Jay
Takenouchi, Amber
Tanitomi, Emi
Torrate, Eric
Tummala, Vijayalashmi
Tyau-Beam, Carol (Oʻahu)
Vivas, Bryson

Updated 11/25/19

For more information about becoming a CFM, please visit:

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